Human Resources Strategy

Most companies know that the world around them is changing. Often, this is spoken of as though it is a reality which is of interest, but it is not translated into an action plan to meet these changes.

Human Resources specifically is vulnerable to this, largely because the HR practices in most companies reflect where the company has been, rather than where it is going.

The Human Resources strategy and practices must remain in line with the current business strategies and imperatives and must also be aligned with the business plans over the next several years, as many key HR initiatives will take that long to bring to fruition.

Human Resources Review:

Assess the alignment of the Human Resources strategies against the business strategies

Examine the current Human Resources practices, and evaluate them in terms of the business needs.

Review the effectiveness of Human Resources practices.

Identify ‘line-of sight’ links between HR plans and business plans.

Identify weaknesses and opportunities to enhance the Human Resources partnership.

Develop a priority action plan and a project plan for critical areas.

This Strategy Review can be conducted in several ways:

• As a complete review of all Human Resources in a Group.
• As a review of a specific HR function (for example, Training).
• As a review of all, or specific functions within a company/Brand in a Group.

The nature, duration and deliverables will vary from client to client, and can be tailored to suit individual needs. This is a very effective and essential tool to align Human Resources to the future, and is a vital starting point during mergers, acquisitions and change.

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